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  • Sayyid Muhammad Hashmi Miyas arrival to the U.K !

    His eminence :- Huzoor Ghazi e Millat have arrived in the U.K on Friday 7th June2013. Currently they are residing in Blackburn @ Khalifa Sufi Abdul Khaliqs house.


    Huzoor Ghazi e Millat's Khalifa in the U.K

    Sufi Abdul Khaliq, Hafiz Muhammad Banaras, Haji Muhammad Monsur, Hafiz Basharat, Allama Asrar Rashid

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  • Wazaif books for the ashrafi tariqa

    You can now purchase the Ashrafi Tariqa wazaif book or can download online for free.

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    Multimedia Section

    We will be uploading the Media section very soon with all the latest videos.

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  • The Shaykh's itenary for 2013

    Programmes and Qiyam of Hazrat.

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Short Biography About Shaykh Muhammad Hashmi al Ashrafi al Jilani

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His eminence :- Huzoor Ghazi e Millat have left the U.K for India on 09th July 2013.

Masha Allah it was a great pleasure and we thank Hazrat.


Short Biography About Shaykh Muhammad Hashmi al Ashrafi al Jilani

Hazrat Ghazi e Millat was born in KICCHOCHA SHAREEF (Uttar Pradesh) India on the 8th of July in 1947. He is the youngest son of Huzoor Muhaddith al A'zam al Hind Rahmatullahi ta'ala alaih. Hazrat Ghazi e Millat's actual birth co-incided with Hazrat Muhaddith al A'zam's Rahmatullahi ta'ala alaih arrival at the family home from a long distance preaching mission. Muhaddith al A'zam al Hind Rahmatullahi ta'ala alaih had the pleasure of doing 'Adhaan' and 'Takbir' at the blessed occasion of their son's birth, in fact Hazrat Ghazi e Millat is the only son to have been blessed with this spiritual awakening by their illustrious father and saint.

Hazrat Ghazi e Millat is the youngest son of His Holiness Makhdoom al-Millat Sayyad Muhammad Kicchochwe MUHADDITH AL A'ZAM AL-HIND Rahmatullahi ta'ala alaih and without doubt one of the most popular of ALL the very many Ashrafi scholars and dignitaries to have come through the ranks of Kicchocha Muqadassa.

After His Eminence HAZRAT SHAYKH AL ISLAM (Ghazi e Millat’s elder brother) first visited Gt.Britain in the early 70's no-one had anticipated Hazrat Ghazi e Millat’s arrival some years later would be so well received. Hazrat Ghazi e Millat whose unique method of preaching earned great respect among the Sunni Ulama and Muslims of not only Gt. Britain but of almost every country in the universe where Muslims reside.

Hazrat Ghazi e Millat has received many titles and accolades throughout his preaching career and fought vigorously against the heretical sects that have taken a stranglehold in certain sections of our Muslim communities.

Hazrat Ghazi eMillat was particularly scathing on the Wahhabi beliefs challenging them to a debate, anytime, anywhere in the world. This challenge as expected was never taken up and to this day remains unaccepted.